Computer Science Study Group

If you are an Erasmus student at our University, and if you are interested in theoretical computer science — join our Computer Science Study Group! Most of this site is in Polish (we're sorry for that), but most of our projects are in English, or can be easily adapted to accommodate persons not speaking Polish. In the following academic year we're planning to organize:

  • a weekly students' seminar in complexity theory (more information on that will appear here in October 2010)
  • several conferences in various branches of theoretical computer science (like Logic and its Applications, we have organized this year)
  • Scientific Summer Schools for high school students

If you want to join the seminar, help us in any of our projects or if you have some ideas you would like to share — write an email to Karolina Sołtys (moc.liamg|sytlosk#moc.liamg|sytlosk).

Various TCS-related stuff in English

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